echo trainΜια φορά κι ενα καιρό..

Ανθρώπινοι νόμοι και παρανοικά όπλα έκρυψαν τα όνειρα μας, σ´ενα μέρος χωρίς μέλλον και παρελθόν. 

Εκεί, κάναμε μια συμφωνία.: θα “παραπλανήσουμε” το δικό μας θαύμα για να μείνει εδω.

Αποκοιμήθηκα και είδα την αγάπη, θύμα στα ψέμματα μου.

Μου πρόσφερε τον ώμο της για να κλάψω και να αφήσω την τελευταία μου πνοή.

Μου ψιθύρισε: “η εμπιστοσύνη όταν σπάει, δεν βγάζει κανέναν ήχο, πονάει σιωπηλά. ”

Μια μαύρη γάτα εμφανίστηκε και μου είπε ” η μοίρα σε κοιτάζει..

υπάρχουν πράγματα στη ζωή που δεν μπορείς να τα δεις με γυμνό μάτι.

Σκότωσε τους δαίμονες σου, και οι δυνάμεις τους θα ξεθωριάσουν.

Οι παρανοικοι τους νόμοι και τα όπλα τους θα σκοτεινιάσουν τις μέρες τους.”

-Μα πες μου …ποιος είναι; Ποιος είναι εκει έξω;

180 μοίρες άλλαξε πορεια η Ηχώς ενώ στο ανθρώπινο αυτί έφτασε σαν αέναη επανάληψη..

Καλώς ήρθατε στο ταξίδι! Το τραίνο ξεκινάει..


*(σύνθεση στίχων των τραγουδιών του e.p. “Who’s out there” των Echo Train.



In English

“Once upon a time..

man made rules and mad mad weapons killed our dreams..

In a place with no future and no past,

I made a pack with you, to trick this wonder into staying.

I dreamt of love..

the victim of my lies, a shoulder I can cry on or die on..

You know trust when it breaks it makes no sound, it hearts silently.

A black cat said to me “.. fate is chasing you, there are things in life you cannot see”

“Kill your daemons” their powers will fade away.

Their man made rules and their mad mad weapons, will kill their days.

Hey..Who’s out there?

The train is ready to roll… welcome aboard!



Echo Train is a folk rock band formed in Athens(Greece) in June 2013 by Greggy K and Ren (a.k.a. Irini Duka). The name “Echo Train” was ispired by the “train sounds” coming from the railway station,near an old house ,where Ren and Greggy were rehearsing their songs!Greggy says “it was like a drum loop for me as I was strumming my guitar,in several beats..” After recording a number of demos and musical ideas at “white studio” in Kypseli  their favourite neighborhood, joined by many friends and session musicians,they collected the material for their first Ep called “Echo Train”. The band was signed to The Sound of Everythng Records in March 2014 and in the same month they released “Firetheir first E.P single. Echo Train are now recording their full length album to be released in September 2014.


Echo train (the E.P)

Echo Train is the 2014 debut E.P from the Greek folk rock group Echo Train released in March 2014 by The Sound of Everything Records. The cover photograph was taken by George Lathyris, and features Ren (a.k.a. Irini Duka) and Greggy K  in their beloved old railway station near the sea where the members used to spend the summertime jamming.The E.P is inspired by the romance and the psychedelic tunes of living away from human rules and “manmade weapons”,praising the need of loving again the simple things that often “we cannot see”. All of the songs on the E.P were written by Greggy k and Ren between 2012 and 2014,produced and mixed by Greggy K and performed in the White Studio by them and lots of  prominent musicians of the classical and folk rock repertoire.The sound has many references to the flower and psychedelic pop of the late sixties, a decade that inspired Echo Train’s songwriting and genre.


Track listing.


Music By Greggy K

Lyrics By REN

Vocals By REN

2.Who ‘s Out There 

Music By Greggy K & REN

Lyrics By REN

Vocals By REN

3.Things You Cannot See

Music By Greggy K & REN

Lyrics By REN

Vocals By REN


Music By REN

Lyrics By REN

Vocals By REN


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